Current Contracts

Repaving & Restriping N Parking Lot
VA249-14-D-0008; TO: VA249-17-J-5563
TVHS – Nashville Campus

Repair & Replace Sidewalks
VA249-14-D-0029; TO: VA249-17-J-5613
Memphis VAMC

Update Dialysis Flooring/Walls/Lighting
VA249-14-D-0021; TO: VA249-17-J-5612
Lexington VAMC – Cooper Division

Re-Key of TVHS Facilities
VA249-14-D-0008; TO: VA249-17-J-5251
TVHS VA Medical Facilities

Remove VCT Flooring, Bldg. 1
VA249-14-D-0029; TO: VA249-17-J-5363
Memphis VAMC

Specialty Clinic Expansion
VA249-14-D-0008; TO: VA249-17-J-4757
Murfreesboro VAMC

Upgrade Motors
VA249-13-D-0097; TO: VA249-17-J-4671
Robley Rex VAMC, Louisville, KY

Renovate Building 19 Facade
VA249-13-D-0097; TO: VA249-17-J-4613
Robley Rex VAMC, Louisville, KY

Upgrade Public Corridors & Waiting Areas
VA249-17-R-0075; TO: VA249-17-J-4464
VAMC Nashville, TN

Replace Chiller Roof, Bldg. 67
VA249-14-D-0021; TO VA249-17-J-2285
Lexington VA Leestown Campus, Lexington, KY

Install Continuous Water Monitoring
VA249-14-D-0024; TO: VA245-17-J-0454
Huntington VA, Huntington, WV

Re-Insulate Pipes
VA249-14-D-0029, TO: VA249-17-J-1730
Memphis VA, Memphis, TN

Grease Traps
VA249-14-D-0029, TO: VA249-17-J-1715
Memphis VA, Memphis, TN

Repair Building 28 Exterior Facade & Roof
VA249-17-J-0941, project number 596-16-106
Robley Rex VA, Louisville, KY

Replace Water Fountains
VA249-13-D-0023, TO: VA249-17-J-0626
Louisville MATOC
Robley Rex VA, 800 Zorn Ave. Louisville, KY

Ft. Knox Contingency Operating Location
USACE Louisville District
Ft. Knox, KY

Morgue Lift 
Memphis MATOC
Memphis VA, TN

Repair SCIFs
FA4830-14-D-0003, TO: 2002
Moody MACC
Moody Air Force Base, GA

Replace AHU 7 Chill Water Coils
Nashville VA MATOC
VAMC Nashville, TN

Replace Fisher House Carpet
Nashville VA MATOC
VA Fisher House, Murfreesboro, TN

Renovate 1 Ground
Cooper Division, Veterans Dr.
$ 721,841.00

Renovate BRAC Property
Veterans Administration
Huntington, WV
$ 7,501,225.00

Replace Climate Controls
Louisville MATOC
Robley Rex VAMC 800 Zorn Ave L’ville, KY
$ 763,989.00

Consolidate Energy Mgmt. Sys.
Louisville MATOC
Robley Rex VAMC 800 Zorn Ave L’ville, KY
$ 1,575,681.00

Nashville VA MATOC
Veterans Administration
Tennessee Valley Healthcare System VAMC
$ 40,000,000.00

Moody Air Force Base
$ 225,000,000.00

Memphis VA MATOC
Veterans Administration
VA Medical Center, Memphis, TN
$ 40,000,000.00

Lexington VA MATOC
Veterans Administration
VA Medical Center, Lexington, KY
$ 20,000,000.00

Huntington VA MATOC
Veterans Administration
VA Medical Center, Huntington, WV
$ 25,000,000.00

USACE Louisville District SDVOSB MATOC
MATOC #:W912QR-14-D-0023
USACE – Louisville District
District and Mission Boundaries
$ 160,000,000.00


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