Current Contracts

Site Prep for Lab Equipment
VA249-14-D-0008; TO: 36C24918N1511
Murfreesboro VAMC

Expand Clinical Support
VA249-14-D-0008; TO:36C24918N1600
TVHS – Nashville Campus

Repair Damage Building 118
Murfreesboro VAMC

Replace Finishes Halls and Walls
VA249-14-D-0029; TO: 36C24918N1197
Memphis VAMC

Renovate Breakroom, Building 49
FA8501-17-D-0023; TO:FA8501-17-F-0175
Robins AFB, Georgia

Renovate GI Expansion
VA249-14-D-0008; TO: 36C249-18-N-0489
TVHS- Nashville Campus

Repaving & Restriping N Parking Lot
VA249-14-D-0008; TO: VA249-17-J-5563
TVHS – Nashville Campus

Repair & Replace Sidewalks
VA249-14-D-0029; TO: VA249-17-J-5613
Memphis VAMC

Update Dialysis Flooring/Walls/Lighting
VA249-14-D-0021; TO: VA249-17-J-5612
Lexington VAMC – Cooper Division

Re-Key of TVHS Facilities
VA249-14-D-0008; TO: VA249-17-J-5251
TVHS VA Medical Facilities

Remove VCT Flooring, Bldg. 1
VA249-14-D-0029; TO: VA249-17-J-5363
Memphis VAMC

Specialty Clinic Expansion
VA249-14-D-0008; TO: VA249-17-J-4757
Murfreesboro VAMC

Upgrade Motors
VA249-13-D-0097; TO: VA249-17-J-4671
Robley Rex VAMC, Louisville, KY

Upgrade Public Corridors & Waiting Areas
VA249-17-R-0075; TO: VA249-17-J-4464
VAMC Nashville, TN

Replace Chiller Roof, Bldg. 67
VA249-14-D-0021; TO VA249-17-J-2285
Lexington VA Leestown Campus, Lexington, KY

Re-Insulate Pipes
VA249-14-D-0029, TO: VA249-17-J-1730
Memphis VA, Memphis, TN

Grease Traps
VA249-14-D-0029, TO: VA249-17-J-1715
Memphis VA, Memphis, TN


Morgue Lift 
Memphis MATOC
Memphis VA, TN

Repair SCIFs
FA4830-14-D-0003, TO: 2002
Moody MACC
Moody Air Force Base, GA

Replace AHU 7 Chill Water Coils
Nashville VA MATOC
VAMC Nashville, TN

Replace Climate Controls
Louisville MATOC
Robley Rex VAMC 800 Zorn Ave L’ville, KY
$ 763,989.00

Consolidate Energy Mgmt. Sys.
Louisville MATOC
Robley Rex VAMC 800 Zorn Ave L’ville, KY
$ 1,575,681.00

Nashville VA MATOC
Veterans Administration
Tennessee Valley Healthcare System VAMC
$ 40,000,000.00

Moody Air Force Base
$ 225,000,000.00

Memphis VA MATOC
Veterans Administration
VA Medical Center, Memphis, TN
$ 40,000,000.00

Lexington VA MATOC
Veterans Administration
VA Medical Center, Lexington, KY
$ 20,000,000.00

Huntington VA MATOC
Veterans Administration
VA Medical Center, Huntington, WV
$ 25,000,000.00

USACE Louisville District SDVOSB MATOC
MATOC #:W912QR-14-D-0023
USACE – Louisville District
District and Mission Boundaries
$ 160,000,000.00


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