Executive Management Team

Semper Tek, Inc. has attracted high level executives with significant federal government construction experience to serve on its Executive Management Team. This team is responsible for collectively planning and managing all aspects of our business. Each member brings unique skill sets and experience which our firm takes advantage of by delegating authority for specific business functions to each team member. Click on each Executive Management Team member below to learn about their specific functions within our business.

ScottMatheny                    JasonBrinkmoeller
Scott Matheny                                                F. Jason Brinkmoeller
President                                                         Senior Vice President
Responsibilities: Corporate                             Responsibilities: Field Operations;
Finances; Strategic Partnerships;                   Corporate Safety; Project Scheduling
Project Risk Analysis                                         Procedures
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Van Jenkins                                                      Santiago Iturralde
Vice President                                                 SE Division Vice President
Responsibilities: All Pre-                                  Responsibilities: Manage SE
Construction Services;                                      Division Office; Oversight of 
Corporate Quality Control;                             Business Development and
Project budgets, cost control                            Marketing operations       
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Eric Boursaw                                                    Emily Jenkins
General Superintendent                                Director of Accounting & Office Management
Responsibilities: Assist in                                 Responsibilities: Human Resources; 
Management of all Field Staff                         Accounting; IT Functions
and related issues on projects                        Read Biography
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