Semper Tek Bulldog Award

STI Bulldog AwardSemper Tek is committed to providing our clients with excellent customer service, on-time project delivery, and most importantly a safe construction environment.

The Semper Tek Bulldog Award is given to employees whose work exhibits levels of professionalism that exceed our already high standards for performance. These coveted awards are difficult to earn and are a mark of exceptional performance, which our team members strive to achieve on every project.

The Bulldog Award is an excellent motivational tool within our firm, and is an outstanding service to our client. Look for these hard hat stickers on our jobs sites and in our offices.

Semper Tek Team Members Awarded the Bulldog Award


Steven Wright, Superintendent
Chris Rowell, Superintendent
Steven Dunlevy, Carpenter

Cameron Collier, Carpenter
Greg Adkins, Carpenter
David Goff, Carpenter
Dillon Dowling, Carpenter
Abbner Fryson, Carpenter (temporary employee)
For continually executing multiple projects simultaneously with excellence at the Memphis VAMC

Mary Fawns, Accounting Manager
For incredible service in areas of accounting, and areas outside of her normal role.

Jeff Means, Superintendent/QC)
Tony Anderson, Superintendent
Steven Dunlevy, Carpenter

Greg Adkins, Carpenter
Cameron Collier, Carpenter
Abbner Fryson (temporary employee)
For outstanding and exemplary work on the Emergency Demolition project for SPS in Nashville for the VA. This project had an extremely aggressive schedule which this team worked diligently to complete ahead of the contract requirements.

Bill Daugherty, Project Manager
For excellence in project management of SE Division work, as well as leadership in Procore/Sage program transitions.

Darren Schmidt, Project Manager
For outstanding management of multiple, diverse projects concurrently

Joe Eisenhauer, Pre-Construction Manager/Estimator
For continuing to provide excellent work in multiple areas including Project Manager, Pre-Construction, and Estimating.

George Schmidt, Superintendent
Joe Guffey, Warehouse Manager
For their outstanding work completing the Walk-In Refrigeration Renovation project at the Lexington VAMC. These individuals received multiple compliments from VA staff for their professionalism and outstanding performance of this project.


Scott Matheny, President
Given by the Semper Tek Team in recognition of his incredible leadership
and success in the company’s first 10-years.

George Schmidt, Superintendent
Scott Wharton, Project Manager
For the early completion and excellent administration of the Water Fountains project

Steve Hale, Superintendent
Rob Crouch, Project Manager
For the early completion and excellent administration of the Abatement project in Murfreesboro, TN.

Brad Gray, Superintendent
Randall Talley, Pre-Construction Manager, TN Division
Johnny Talley, Carpenter
4 North Project for the great completion of this complicated emergency project

Santiago Iturralde, Vice President, S.E. Division
For outstanding work in dedication during the pursuit and
contract award of Design-Build VA CBOC, Ft Knox KY.

Jason Brinkmoeller, Senior Vice President
Darren Schmidt, Project Manager
Jeff Skeele, Superintendent
For fast track and high quality construction execution of the
Charles Young Veterans Memorial.

Kevin Atchley, Site Superintendent
For outstanding work and recognized achievements from VA
engineering staff at the Murfreesboro, TN VAMC.

Van Jenkins, III, Vice President, Pre-Construction Services
Joe Eisenhauer, Pre-Construction Manager and Estimating Assistant
Tara Brinkmoeller, Business Development Manager
For outstanding work and dedication of service on bidding and proposals to acquire new business and contracts.

Emily Jenkins, Corporate Business Manager
Mary Fawns, Accounting and Office Assistant
Debi Lancaster, Contract Administrator
For exemplary work in accounting, contract administration, and general office management.

Kevin Atchley, Site Superintendent
For outstanding work and recognized achievements from VA engineering staff at the Murfreesboro, TN VAMC.

Scott Wharton, Project Manager 
James Ruley, Site Superintendent
For work on the Ft. Knox Contingency Operating Location, USACE Louisville

Bill Daugherty, Project Manager
Butch Merritt, SSHO and QC
Wayne Suggs, Superintendent
For work on the Repair SCIFs project, Moody AFB, Georgia

Joe Eisenhauer, Pre-Construction Manager and Estimating Assistant
For extraordinary accomplishments in preparing for numerous projects awarded at the same time

Jeffrey Means, Superintendent
For working additional hours on a time-sensitive project over Veterans Day

George Schmidt, Superintendent
For working both day and night shifts simultaneously on the Dialysis Project at the Leestown VAMC

2008 – 2018 – Celebrating our 10-Year Company Milestone
In honor of our company’s 10-Year Business Anniversary, each team member was awarded a Bulldog Award sticker for their contributions to the success of our firm in our first decade in operation.