Semper Tek is proud to announce that it has completed the Design/Build project, Repair Seven (7) Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF), six months ahead of schedule and has received an Exceptional rating for this criteria.

This $3.4M project was managed during the design and initial construction phases by Mr. F. Jason Brinkmoeller. He, along with our Designer of Record BARGE Design Solutions, worked diligently and effectively with the COR to achieve 100% design approval upon first review. Fast-tracking was also achieved through the early submission of submittals during the design review phase to allow for construction as soon as reviews were completed. Semper Tek utilized our standard Design-Build Processes in order to successfully begin this project on pace to exceed the contract completion date.

Mr. Bill Daugherty, Project Manager; Mr. Wayne Suggs, Superintendent; and Mr. Butch Merritt, QC and SSHO, meticulously managed every aspect of this project, including the daily on-site operations, to ensure that our schedule was adhered to and exceeded, when possible. Additionally, five of the SCIF rooms were certified during a single inspection, which is extremely difficult to achieve. The other two SCIF rooms were also certified upon first inspection.Each man’s excellence in his position led to our early project delivery, quality of workmanship, and outstanding complete CPARS evaluation by the government. Mr. Daugherty, Mr. Suggs, and Mr. Merritt each received a Semper Tek Bull Dog Award in December for their outstanding work on this project.

In addition to the Exceptional rating for Schedule, Semper Tek received Very Good ratings for Quality, Management, Regulatory Compliance, Workmanship, Subcontractor Management, and Maintaining a Safe Workplace. We are so proud to have our firm’s standard Design-Build Construction Process recognized with such high ratings and comments.

Comments from the COR:

SCIF comment 1

SCIF comment 2

The SCIF project was a competitive procurement in a full and open task order contract on the Moody MACC, which has a total of nine small business awardees. This contract was awarded in September 2016 and was anticipated to take two years to complete.