Our Work

Semper Tek is proud to perform general construction work for various Federal Government Agencies across the Southeast region of the United States. Our primary clients are the Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the Department of the Air Force. Therefore, our firm sees our clients ultimately as the end-users of the buildings and sites we construct and renovate – the veterans, the active duty Military personnel, the doctors and nurses who provide are to our Country’s heroes. We approach our work on each awarded contract with these people in mind. We strive to provide the highest quality product, as quickly as possible, and within budget, so that the Missions of our clients can be carried out effectively.

Semper Tek’s work on all awarded projects is approached with a partnership mentality that is carried out by all members of our team.  This partnership approach is established with our client, as well as each subcontractor. This approach helps Semper Tek to establish ongoing, open communication, high quality control on all aspects of a project, and proactive management of the project and job site.

Safety is ultimately the number one priority for Semper Tek. We not only work to create the safest environment for people working on our job sites, but since much of our work is performed in active VA hospitals and on active Military bases, we are constantly concerned with the safety of people surrounding our work area. Semper Tek has invested significantly into training and certifications for our employees to understand how to safely operate in nearly any situation found on a job site.  Additionally, Semper Tek has helped seven of our Project Management and Superintendents to obtain the KY Certified Healthcare Contractor credential, which means they have increased knowledge and ability to perform infection controls work within an active hospital. Semper Tek also employs a project executive with the ASHE Certified Healthcare Constructor certification, which is a professional designation requiring continuing education and re-certification, for general hospital construction and planning and administration of infection controls. This investment in certifications and continuing education allows us to bring leading industry standards and best practices to each project and partnership relationship. We are proud to have maintained a zero-incident rating each year since our firm opened in 2008.

Our People
We firmly believe that our people is what makes Semper Tek a great company. Our employees operate as a family. This mentality pours over into our execution of each awarded contract and is exhibited by our newest field professional to our owner. Semper Tek practices the same principles of customer service that we provide our clients to our own team.  We support and care for one another, which allows for our employees to be confident, honest, intelligent, and proactive in their area of responsibility for a project. Members of the Semper Tek family are some of the hardest-working, caring, moral, and intelligent thinkers that exist. Our firm is extremely proud of the team we have created since 2008. We look forward to partnering with you for your next project.

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