Meet Our Team

Executive Management
Semper Tek, Inc. has attracted high level executives with significant federal government construction experience to serve on its Executive Management Team. This team is responsible for collectively planning and managing all aspects of our business. Each member brings unique skill sets and experience which our firm takes advantage of by delegating authority for specific business functions to each team member. Click on each Executive Management Team member below to learn about their specific functions within our business.

Management Team

Scott Matheny
Responsibilities: Corporate Finances; Strategic Partnerships; Project Risk Analysis
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F. Jason Brinkmoeller, CHC
Senior Vice President
Responsibilities: Field Operations; Corporate Safety; Project Scheduling Procedures
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Van Jenkins
Vice President
Responsibilities: All Pre-Construction Services;Corporate Quality Control; Project budgets, cost control
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Santiago Iturralde
SE Division Vice President
Responsibilities: Manage SE Division Office; Oversight of Business Development and Marketing Operations
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Eric Boursaw
General Superintendent
Responsibilities: Assist in
Management of all Field Staff and related issues on projects 
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Emily Jenkins
Corporate Business Manager
Responsibilities: Human Resources; Accounting; Office Management
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Bill Daugherty
SouthEast Division Director of Operations

Senior Project Managers

Scott Wharton
Scott Wharton

Project Managers

Adam DeRossett (2)
Adam DeRossett, CHC

Joe Eisenhauer

Chad Howard

Shawn James 1 _no hat
Shawn James

Ranse Jenkins (2)
Ranse Jenkins

Nick Munson (3)
Nick Munson

Superintendents, Quality Control Site Managers, and Site Safety Officers

Tony Anderson
Anthony Anderson

Kevin Atchley

Ron Harley_Touched Up
Ron Harley

Butch Merritt

Will Murray (2)
William Murray

Adam Nelson

Bob Richter (4)
Bob Richter

Chris Rowell (2)
Chris Rowell

James Ruley

Jerry Schiffbauer

Ronnie Suggs

Ron Harley (2)
Steven Suggs

Wayne Suggs

Steven Wright (2)
Steven Wright

Business Operations Personnel

Beth Boursaw
Beth Boursaw
Office Assistant

Tara Brinkmoeller
Business Development Manager

Carol Corcoran (3)
Carol Corcoran
Pre-Construction Specialist

Melissa Hicks (2)
Melissa England
Administrative Assistant – SE Division

Deborah Guffey
Contract Manager

Brent Handy
Accounting Manager

Camille Lewis (1)
Camille Lewis
IT & Process Improvement Manager

Lisa Miller (2)
Lisa Miller
Administrative Assistant – Corporate Office

Tyler Sermons
Tyler Sermons

Field Employees
Semper Tek employees tradesman with various skills who self-perform multiple project components. Our team of field professionals includes:

Cameron Collier
Steven Dunlevy
Peter Keppel
Wayne Nicely
Neil Palmer
Adam Shader