Repair SCIFS

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Contract Number: FA4830-14-D-0003, TO: 2002
Client: Department of the Air Force
Initial Price: $3,423,309.13
Current Price: $3,423,309.13
Contract Start Date: 6 March 2017
Schedule Completion Date: 15 October 2018
Current or Final Completion Date: This project is complete (6 months ahead of schedule)
Percent Complete as of date of submission: 100% complete to date
POC: Lori Riley, 229-257-3465,

Project Title: Repair SCIFs, Buildings 647, 663, 643, 709, 704, 105

Semper Tek, Inc. is performing this task order project as part of the MACC Contract for which they are an SDVOSB awardee. This project is the design and construction of repairs for six SCIF rooms. The repairs include upgraded forced entry protection and acoustics to meet ICD/ICS 705, ICD 705, ICS 705-1 regulations. Our firm partnered with Barge Design Solutions for the design of the six rooms. We were able to fast track the design process and worked extremely well and collaboratively with the government representatives to obtain quick approval of all 100% design concepts.

Construction has been phased so that only one or two buildings are being repaired at one time. Our work includes making upgrades to exterior and interior walls to meet force protection and acoustical requirements. Removing and filling-in windows located in or near the SCIF vaults. Design and installation of new interior data and security systems, and the outfitting of finishes to include painting, installation of carpet tiles, and acoustical ceiling tiles within the secured rooms. Buildings 105 and 643 will be outfitted with STO vaults which are six-sided radar frequency shielded boxes to allow for higher levels of classified information sharing. Currently Buildings 704 and 647 are complete.