5 and 10 year service members

Semper Tek instituted a new recognition program this year which was rolled out at its annual managers meeting earlier this month.  Team members who have served five years (or more) and ten years were presented with a custom made Semper Tek Challenge Coin. The coin was inscribed with the team members name and length of service on the back and was presented in a frame.  We are pleased to celebrate the service of the following:

Scott Matheny – 11 years
Scott Wharton – 10 years
George Schmidt – 8 years
Jason Brinkmoeller – 7 years
Kevin Atchley – 7 years
Wayne Nicely – 6 years
Emily Jenkins – 6 years
Chad Howard – 5 years
Van Jenkins – 5 years
Deborah Guffey – 5 years
Joe Eisenhauer – 5 years

Semper Tek will continue to honor it’s team members as they reach milestones in increments of 5-years of service. We are very proud of these team members who have been with us many of our first 11-years in business!