A Born Leader

Not many women choose to work in the construction industry, but it finds them. Emily Jenkins, Semper Tek’s Corporate Business Director, never expected to be working in construction for her career path but happened upon it in 2013. “I love the collaborative nature of the construction process from the beginning to the end product” Emily shared. After being in the industry for 9 ½ years she has become not only vital to our organization but a leader and role model for women. “I am proud to be a female in a leadership position in a male dominated industry,” said Emily.

Giving Back

As a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) the mission of our work is to support and give back to our communities. Especially supporting those who dedicate their lives to service. “At Semper Tek I love that what we do is in support of our veterans and the DOD” said Emily. Whether you are working in the office or in the field it is fulfilling to support this line of work.

A Women’s Natural Skills

Statistics show that having women engaged in the processes improves the success of construction projects and businesses. This is due to a few factors, but especially because women are innate with skills that are primary to a successful project. “Many of the skills that make a good project manager or superintendent are skills that many women naturally possess; strong analytical skills, ability to multi-task, resolve conflict, and process small details needed to execute effectively,” said Emily.

For those who are interested in joining the construction industry Emily shares, “Go for it! Construction, especially federal, is a thriving economic sector offering many opportunities” Not only should women join in office positions but trades as well. “I would encourage women to pursue careers in positions that have predominantly been male dominated in the field such as project managers and superintendents”.

Now more than ever is a time we can have women, especially working mothers, involved in the construction industry. In the past, women have had setbacks in their career at that phase of life. “I think a major way the industry and our country as a whole has progressed since I started is an increased support for working mothers,” shared Emily.