A woman who is not only changing the industry but an inspiration to us all is Mary Fawns. Mary is Semper Tek’s Accounting Manager and has been on our team for the last 5 years and in the construction industry for 40 years. When asked about her start in the construction industry, she responds, “I started at a construction firm by converting their computer systems. I continued after the conversion to be their payroll clerk, and I’ve been in the business ever since”. During her time in the construction industry, she has had many opportunities to be involved with unique projects; mostly being with the DOE and Air Force. “I learned about topics that I would not have otherwise ever been aware of,” said Mary. In construction there will be intense times with pressure, but you must be dedicated. From Mary’s experience she shares, “There will be times of frustration, but it is so rewarding to see something being built and know you can look back at it years from now and realize you were a small part of it”.


Having been in the construction industry for 40 years, Mary has seen a lot change in the attitude towards women. “I feel it is becoming more respected” she said. The construction industry has made great efforts over the past few years and created diverse teams. “In this industry, a company must work together, whatever the role, gender, race, in order to come full circle and create the product needed to satisfy the customer” shared Mary. “It has also allowed me to meet some fascinating people who have become lifetime friends” added Mary.


The workforce has become more gender diverse because organizations are highlighting females and their success. However, if we really want to get more women in the construction industry Mary shares, “We need to start early with role modeling and encouragement of women in trade schools”. There are so many opportunities for women in this industry and it needs them.