VAMC Mt. Home Clock Tower Restoration

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Blog, News-External

The restoration of the clock tower started in August of 2022. It was awarded to us while we were finishing up our Renovate Bldg. 34 project since the tower is attached to Bldg. 34. The clock tower and building were constructed around 1900. The value of this restoration was $437,000. The project had one subcontractor, J. Ross Conglomerate from Johnson City, TN. Ross proved to be an excellent restoration contractor. Once they mobilized, it was apparent they were professionals when it came to lead paint abatement and restoration.  Several features of the clock tower were beyond repair and had to be reproduced.  The replacement balusters were turned on a lathe in the basement of the main building by J. Ross employees.  Some of the intricate plaster details like the rosettes, lions’ head, and other ornamental details had to be replicated or repaired. It was a great project and Semper Tek was proud to be a part of this beautiful restoration.

Semper Tek Project Manager: Chad Howard
Semper Tek Superintendent: Cameron Collier

As the project got underway, Cameron, our superintendent, noticed several bees near the entrance of the clock tower.  Upon further investigation, many large honeybee colonies were located.  A local beekeeper was contracted to remove and relocate the colonies. Cameron decided to keep the job rolling by helping out the beekeeper. He operated the lift for the beekeeper and removed the wood so that the hive could be accessed.  Cameron’s efforts were rewarded with a few bee stings and a little bit of honey!