Rick Luna

     Suzie Brown

     Chase West

While working on the Fort Moore Airfield Signage and Lighting project, Rick Luna, Suzie Brown, and Chase West did an outstanding job going above and beyond to complete replacement of the airfield runway edge lights (including underground conduit and concrete bases) during a Runway shutdown from August 4th to August 24th.  Just days before the shutdown, GOV required our team to work nights from 7PM to 7AM, and because of the critical nature of the work, we were already working 7 days a week.  Upon completion of our scope during the shutdown, GOV required additional sections of the runway had to be completed ahead of schedule to make room for potential visits from AirForce 1 and 2.  The pressure from GOV to have everything operational to accommodate potential visitors from that level was intense.  This unplanned change in the schedule forced our team to immediately go back (without a break) to 12-hour day shifts 7 days a week until the remaining section was completed.  Rick, Suzie, and Chase worked together with our subcontractors and USACE to complete this work despite the schedule challenges and the difficult working environment on the airfield at night.  Due to their hard work, dedication, and great attitudes Rick, Suzie, and Chase were presented with Bulldog awards on 19 SEP 2023!!


Ft. Moore


Ft. Moore


Ft. Moore