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Semper Tek has formed a new Joint Venture company

We are very excited to announce that we now have an active Joint Venture company with our Mentor Firm, Hinkle Holding Company.  The Semper Tek – Hinkle JV, LLC was approved and registered in (System for Award Management) on June 15th.

The formation of this joint venture will allow our firms to work together in pursuing larger civil construction projects in the southeast. Hinkle brings years of experience and top-notch execution in highway construction, design/build construction, solid waste, concrete, utilities and power projects, as well as a variety of environmental services. Paired with Semper Tek’s impressive resume in vertical and horizontal new construction, renovation, and rehabilitation, we believe that joining our two firms expertise will allow us to provide exceptional service and performance on a variety of contracts for the Federal Government.

To learn more about the Mentor-Protege relationship that Semper Tek, Inc has with Hinkle Holding Companies, please click here.

Semper Tek recognized for providing “Exceptional” performance

Semper Tek, Inc. has recently completed several projects for multiple Agencies of the Federal Government. As is standard at the completion of a Federal project the Contracting Officer provides an evaluation of the firm’s work. There are various components that are evaluated to include the management of budget, schedule, project exceptionalmanagement, quality, etc. The Contracting Officer has predetermined options to rate the performance ranging from unsatisfactory, marginal, satisfactory, very good, and exceptional. Over the past several years the level of service and performance expected in order to be deemed “exceptional” has been raised, making it much more difficult to obtain.

When Semper Tek, Inc. received the evaluations for our most recently completed projects, which all included multiple “exceptional” ratings, we were thrilled. Our firm received three “exceptional” ratings in the areas of Quality, Cost Control, and Management for the most complex and largest project to ever be awarded to our firm; a vertical addition project valued at more than $8M for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Semper Tek, Inc. is committed to providing excellent customer service, high-quality finished products, and a level of partnership with our clients that is hard to match by another firm. These core philosophies of our business are held by our entire firm, from our President to our field personnel. The hard work and dedication of our entire team is what allows our firm to stand out by providing “exceptional” service to our clients. We look forward to continuing to provide this level of service on current and future contracts.

Semper Tek now using Procore Project Management Software

One of the core philosophies of Semper Tek, Inc. is to provide excellent customer service to our clients. Consistent and high-quality customer service is only possible when our personnel are able to be organized, proactive, informed, and collaborative. Since our firm has job sites throughout the southeastern part of the United States, it was hard to find ways for all involved parties to have the same information at the same time to be able to make the best informed decisions.  Now that we began using Procore Project Management Software, we are able to achieve high level collaboration resulting in excellent customer service with greater ease to our personnel.  This results in an even better experience for our clients.

Procore Construction Project Management Software

This cloud-based software provides opportunities for home office staff and field personnel to see all information and documents related to a specific job with ease. It allows for collaboration not only with our firm’s employees, but also with the client, if they so choose to engage within the software. This type of information sharing not only creates trust and partnership, but it also increases productivity, responsiveness, and can positively impact schedule and budget for a project.

Semper Tek, Inc. will be using Procore for each awarded project in 2017. Our firm is consistently seeking out ways to improve the level of service we can provide our clients so that we can reach our goal of being the premiere Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business General Contractor in the southeast region.

Air Force Reserve Personnel move into our latest building project at Robins AFB

Semper Tek, Inc. completed construction on the 22,000 sq. ft.  Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) Force

Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force, Philip Rhodes

Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force, Philip Rhodes

Generation Center (FCG), Building 554 in the middle of March 2017. The first wave of Air Force Reserve Personnel began moving into the building last week, as reported by the Air Force website.

The Force Generation Center is made up of several divisions including support, forces, security cooperation and exercises, and operations.

The building completed by our firm is part of an expansion of the Air Force Reserve headquarters that will eventually house approximately 960 personnel and Citizen Airmen. The new facility that we have constructed, as well as those that will be built as part of separate contracts will ultimately help to support and enhance the operations of the AFRC with its Citizen Airmen and missions worldwide.

Semper Tek, Inc. is proud to support the Air Force Reserve through our construction of this facility at Robins AFB. Click here to view the project profile and additional photos of the construction of Building 554.

Semper Tek is awarded new contract with Huntington VA to install new water monitoring system

Last week the Huntington, West Virginia VA hospital awarded Semper Tek, Inc. a task order contract to perform work to install continuous water monitoring systems in their hospital.  In order to successfully complete this project our firm will partner with CH2M Hill and s::can.  Collectively these companies are the leading innovators in the design of systems and networks that allow for real-time, continuous water monitoring in lab and hospital settings.

Semper Tek, Inc. has extensive experience in hospital construction, renovation, maintenance, and the installation of systems in occupied hospital settings. Our field staff and execution team is led by F. Jason Brinkmoeller, who holds the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) Healthcare Constructor Certification.

Semper Tek, Inc. is excited to begin work on this new project for the Huntington VA.