An incredible woman who is making a difference is Leigh Ann Malone. Leigh Ann is Semper Tek’s Pre-Construction Administrative Assistant and she started with Semper Tek last December. She started in the construction industry as a teenager working for her family’s company. Leigh Ann has been in the construction industry for over 20 years. She
tried other occupations throughout her career but shares that she has felt most confident working in the construction industry. “I am proud to have followed in the footsteps of many in my family” shared Leigh Ann.


“Personally, I don’t think being a woman in the industry has affected my role. Construction is viewed as a man’s profession, but women are capable of providing many roles in the industry. The position shouldn’t be determined by sex, it should be determined by capabilities and experience” says Leigh Ann. Leigh Ann’s success is due to her determination and desire to learn. Construction is an industry with a vast number of career opportunities and growth. “Not only does it have new developments all the time; it is an on-going field and you have the opportunity to learn something new daily”
said Leigh Ann.


As there are more women who are joining the construction industry, there are more ways we can attract women to work in construction. Leigh Ann’s advice to women is, “Start telling your stories”. Every woman has a story to share that deserves to be heard to inspire the next generation with their experiences and love for the industry. She also
recommends “Companies need to highlight women and their attributes”. Exposure is key to spread awareness of this amazing industry and its opportunities. Leigh Ann also shares advice to women who are entering the construction industry, “Be confident in knowing you have the ability; just because you might know something doesn’t mean
you’re less.”