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Celebrating Employment Milestones for Semper Tek Team Members

5 and 10 year service members

Semper Tek instituted a new recognition program this year which was rolled out at its annual managers meeting earlier this month.  Team members who have served five years (ore more) and ten years were presented with a custom made Semper Tek Challenge Coin. The coin was inscribed with the team members name and length of service on the back and was presented in a frame.  We are pleased to celebrate the service of the following:

Scott Matheny – 11 years
Scott Wharton – 10 years
George Schmidt – 8 years
Jason Brinkmoeller – 7 years
Kevin Atchley – 7 years
Wayne Nicely – 6 years
Emily Jenkins – 6 years
Chad Howard – 5 years
Van Jenkins – 5 years
Debi Lancaster – 5 years
Joe Eisenhauer – 5 years

Semper Tek will continue to honor it’s team members as they reach milestones in increments of 5-years of service. We are very proud of these team members who have been with us many of our first 11-years in business!


Celebrating Our Veterans: Steven Suggs, U.S. Army

Steven Suggs
U.S. Army
Joined Semper Tek in 2019

Steven Suggs is a U.S. Army Veteran, having served five years in the Army Rangers. He attended base and jump school in Fort Benning, GA, then spent time in Fort Polk, LA before deploying to the D.M.Z in Vietnam. Steven says that his service meant the world to him. “It meant everything to fight for what I believe in and I am very proud of my service.”

Today Steven serves as a Construction Superintendent for Semper Tek on projects primarily in Georgia, his home state. He is a dedicated, hard worker who says, “I am very proud and feel privilege to work for a SDVOSB company today.”

Steven believes that service to one’s country is important and that every young person should do so. He holds Veterans and Active Duty service people in high regard, which is why he says he enjoys working at Semper Tek so much.

Celebrating Our Veterans: George Schmidt, U.S. Marines and Army Reserve

George W. SchmidtGSchmidt_1
Joined Semper Tek in 2011

George Schmidt is a six-year U.S. Marine Corps veteran and a 4-year Army Reserve Veteran. While in the Marines he held the rank of Corporal and was stationed at Paris Island, SC and Camp Lejeune, NC as a Military Policeman. He held the rank of Sergeant in the Army Reserves.

George now works as a Superintendent for Semper Tek. He credits his military service with his ability to better understand how the Government – Semper Tek’s primary client – operates. This understanding provides a tremendous benefit to George and our firm when completing projects at VA hospitals and military bases.
George strongly believes that everyone should serve their country in some capacity. He taught that to his son, Darren who also served in the U.S. Marine Corps. He believes that the military teaches discipline that helps one to be successful.

We are proud of the service of George Schmidt. We thank him, and all Veterans for their service and sacrifice this Veterans Day.

Celebrating Our Veterans: Darren Schmidt, U.S. Marines

Darren SchmidtDarrin Schmidt
Project Manager
Joined Semper Tek in 2018

Darren Schmidt is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran. He served as a Military Policeman during his seven years of active duty service, achieving the rank of Corporal. He was stationed at Paris Island, Camp Lejeune, 29 Palms, and 1st MP Co. – Lexington, KY.

Darren now works as a Project Manager for Semper Tek. He says of his work now, “It gives me a continued sense of service to work on projects that benefit our active duty service members and veterans.” Darren describes his time in the military as something that he is most proud of doing in his lifetime. He encourages others to serve because he believes that “it is something that you will always have pride in having done.” Darren also credits his service with his perspective on life. Having made sacrifices himself through service, he now better understands the importance of being grateful, and to love the freedoms that we as U.S. Citizens enjoy every day.

We are proud of the service of Darren Schmidt. We thank him, and all the Veterans for their service and sacrifice this Veterans Day.

Celebrating Our Veterans: Chris Rowell, U.S. Army

Chris RowellChris Rowell_resized
Joined Semper Tek in 2019

Chris Rowell is a 10-year Army Veteran. He spend six years serving with the 82nd Airborne Ranger. For four-years he served with special forces. Chris was deployed with four separate combat missions. He is proud to have served and protected our great Nation against terrorism, both foreign and domestic!